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Chemiplastica Specialties News

Chemiplastica Specialties: long experience in producing chemicals
Chemiplastica Specialties operates in the leather, construction, ceramic, agro, latex and rubber chemicals totally manufactured in the production site located in Buccino (Italy), active since 1990.

The company has a specific and proven know-how in manufacturing polynaphthalene sulphonate, polycarboxylates, basic chromium sulphate and related specialties, tanning and retanning agents as synthetic tannins and resins.

For a global expansion, Chemiplastica Specialties has a substantial benefit in being part of Chemiplastica Group, leader world-wide in the production of thermosetting resins, thanks to its international platform.
Innovative Syntans for the tanning industry
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Chemiplastica launches another challenge to the global market
Chemiplastica acquires the assets of PA Resins based in Perstorp, Sweden
Chemiplastica Group and Chemiplastica Specialties: a combination in the chemical industry
Chemiplastica Group enters in the markets of leather, construction, agriculture, latex and rubber thanks to Chemiplastica Specialties.